An Ambitious Handmade Christmas

I do enjoy forcing my creations onto other people; because I love making stuff so much I want to make presents more personal and sentimental, so I’ve committed to a shirt for dad – my first ever men’s shirt and I want it to be perfect, so of course this is QUITE the cause for concern, esImage result for vogue patterns mens shirtpecially since I’ve never used a vogue pattern before, so any advice from anyone that has made anything from this (V8759) pattern and would be kind enough to share any tips or tricks I will be forever grateful.

I’m also making matching pjs for me and my boyfriend, which I’m so excited to finish because then I would’ve officially finished my first ever Sew Over It pattern, and the material is so amazingly soft that it’ll most definitely feel like I’m sleeping on a cloud. Aside from sewing I’ve also decided to make mum a snood (so far so good, it’s a lovely simple pattern and it’s my relaxing make at the moment) as well as little knitted toys for my four younger siblings (my brother, twin stepsisters and very cute and adorable half sister), which I’m sure they wouldn’t forgive me for if I’m not able to finish them in time, so I’d better get a shimmy on!

I hope everyone is enjoying watching the various vlogmases (definitely not a word), my favourites at the moment are definitely those from Gabberdashery, A Homespun House and Inside Number 23 (and Tom Fletcher’s) – quite frankly I don’t know how they manage all the filming and editing, but I think it’s safe to say that all of us watching are very grateful for it!

If, like me you’ve made the error of committing to making loads of garments and toys for people for Christmas which aren’t actually all that quick or easy to sew/ make in general, don’t you worry my friends, we’re all in this together!


 (Originally posted – 7/12/16)


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