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Marigold & the Tilly HQ!

Hello! Yesterday heralded my first Marigold jumpsuit – a Tilly and the Buttons pattern – something which I’d been meaning to make for a while but ended up being one of those items that ends up being taken over by sewalongs and the sort of garments that you just need to make for a specific day out.

But hallelujah – then Marigold ended up being one of those patterns itself! I’d had a day of work experience arranged at the Tilly and the Buttons HQ for a little while, and I decided that none of my pre-existing Tilly makes would suffice, and that I needed to make something entirely new for this very exciting day.

So, the pattern was ordered and cut out, fabric was decided upon, and on I went! I must say, I did end up leaving the making of the jumpsuit a little bit late (the day before my work experience, to be precise), but I’m blaming that on my rather excessive amount of hospital stays in the last couple of weeks – excuses, excuses! Despite my last-minute approach, I managed to sew up the jumpsuit in a day… thank goodness!

So – here’s how I found it:

The fabric I used for the jumpsuit itself and for the pockets were all from the classic ‘June’ box from Sew Hayley Jane, which was nautical themed, so I ended up with a very lovely seaside-y outfit – totally perfect for summer and for the pattern! The wonderfully cool anchor-print chambray lent itself to the pattern amazingly, because the floaty trousers and elasticated waist are easy to move in, whilst keeping you cool with and that ‘sticky’ feeling at bay. And if you live in a hotter climate, you can easily hack the jumpsuit into a playsuit and get your pegs out. I also used two of the fat quarters from the box for the contrasting pockets: DSC_0163

On the whole I found the pattern and instructions seamless (haha, sewing banter) and super easy to follow. But one part did leave me rather befuddled and needing a quick break from my machine to cool off (if there isn’t at least one point in each project where you need to step away, did you even make it?) which was the joining of the front and back facing. It was one tiny little step, which I’ve managed without any trouble on enough other patterns, but for some reason I just could not figure it out! I think it was the photo – neither me nor mum could figure out where one bit needed to be pointing, so that ended up being bodged together and worked out completely fine; I think I had been over-scrutinising the photo and ended up creating a problem that wasn’t even a problem!

Tilly’s instructions, as ever, were nice and easy to follow. The markings on the pattern pieces were all annotated so that you’re not questioning anything at any point at all, and the written instructions are always very clear and concise – not waffly like my blog posts! The photos as well were just so very helpful. But I’m sounding like a broken record praising Tilly’s instructions; in every single review of her patterns I say practically the same thing about how outstanding they are, but I must say that this was particularly rad! If you ever need to make a jumpsuit, this is the pattern to use. Tilly’s blog also has a post on 10 Design Hacks for the Marigold Jumpsuit which is something I’m definitely going to refer to in the future, and will mean that I’ll be reinventing Marigold for years to come!

These are the things that I’m going to change for my next version and aren’t at all criticisms of the pattern, these are just ‘notes to self’ to make sure that my next one is even more comfortable!

  • Take in the bodice side seams a bit
  • Shorten the bodice – I know that it’s meant to bag a little bit, but I just personally feel more confident when I have more of a fitted bodice!
  • Move the straps both into the centre a wee tiny little bit, and shorten them by a couple of centimetres so that they don’t slip down my shoulders

So, here are a few more photos of my finished garment! Before I go though, I want to end on saying that I had a wonderful day at the Tilly HQ and managed to talk to Tilly herself which was amazing – she’s such an inspiration to me as it’s a dream of mine to have a pattern house and become as popular as her! I was very lucky to get some work experience, I know that loads of people apply, so I was very aware of that for the entire time I was there, and made sure to make the most of every minute! I don’t want to say too much about what I did there though, just to make sure I don’t accidentally share anything secret – let’s just say it was incredible!

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8 thoughts on “Marigold & the Tilly HQ!

  1. It is wonderful to hear about your jumpsuit!
    I like your choice of fabric. You did so great sewing it in one day. At the beginning of my sewing journey I used to be so enthusiast and impatient to see the finished object I was usually tying to sew something in one day, but after many hours I was getting tired and needing to stop. In time I learned to split my sewing in a few sessions and to appreciate better how much I can sew before I get very tired.
    I am very happy for your wonderful experience at Tilly’s HQ. I was wondering if you got to learn about sewing or to draft patterns… but I understand your reservation.


    1. Thank you Anca! I was like that at the beginning too, but now I really hate rushing things! I had a backup plan (one of my Mimi blouses) to wear on the day in case the jumpsuit wasn’t finished in time, but I’m super glad that it was! I didn’t get any hands-on pattern drafting/ cutting experience, but Tilly herself recommended some books for pattern cutting!


  2. Such a lovely read as always 🙂 I really like the fabric you used and the contrasting pockets add that bit of glamour. I’m working towards making a pair of dungarees but after seeing these, I’m wondering if I shouldn’t head for a jumpsuit instead? They really suit you 🙂 Have a great week!


    1. Thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoyed this post 🙂 I always love a contrasting pocket! I’ve also made a pair of dungarees (if you go into the ‘my makes’ tab on the blog, you can find my review of the pattern – I love my dungarees and wear them all the time in cooler weather, but jumpsuits are definitely where it’s at for summer! Have a lovely weekend 🙂


  3. Another lovely outfit! I very much like the colour and the contrasting pockets add that touch of class. Once my vintage sewing machine arrives (bought on ebay 2 weeks ago…praying its not on the missing list!!) I might give this pattern a go myself. So great you got to spent time at Tilly & Buttons. Happy Thursday 🙂


    1. Thank you so much! I love adding contrasting pockets to things, to be honest, it’s the only reason that I buy fat quarters! Oh my goodness… a vintage sewing machine?! That’s SO COOL! I hope it comes soon and that you really enjoy playing with it – have a lovely weekend!


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