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TCC – Style Profile Phase One

This post is going to sort of include three steps from The Curated Closet, but one I’m not really able to talk about properly because I went through it taking mental notes rather than written ones. And that step was going through (almost) all of the things written in my master list in the TCC – Discovering My Style (Phase Two) post, and figuring out whether I liked them, why I did, why I didn’t and refining that list even more.

The next part is establishing fabrics and fits. Now, as we’re applying the book to making your own clothes, this step is pretty essential! If you’ve been making your own clothes for a little while, you kind of know already which fabrics and fits that you like, but it’s still useful to actually sit down and think through the big list that’s suggested in the book, so that you can really figure out what you do and don’t like in garments.

I won’t post the whole list that’s included in the book because I feel like that would be breaching copyright a bit, so instead I’m just going to show you what I decided I definitely like. There are some things (not included on this list) which I’ve made a note to look into a little bit more, because I’m a little bit on the fence about whether I’m a fan or not.

Fabrics I Definitely Like:

Fabrics I like

Fits I Definitely Like:

Fits table onefits table two

So, I’ll admit that that part wasn’t the most exciting (neither for me to do, nor for you to read probably) but it’s fine, because the next bit is making a mood board. And boy oh boy, that bit is very fun. So please do forgive this rather dry bit – which I do recommend doing yourself, whether you have TCC or not – because it’s proved a really useful list already!

I’ll see you next Thursday (this one was late and I can only apologise) for the next installment of the series, where you’ll be seeing my moodboard… woohoo!


2 thoughts on “TCC – Style Profile Phase One

  1. It is so interesting to follow your style journey!…
    I remember when I started to explore styles and try to find my style. I was not sewing back then, so I used thrift stores to find things I thought were my style. Initially I just used some adjectives to describe my style and then I tried to identify some uniforms and what they would be composed of.
    My adjectives were.. and still are: simple, fitted, androgen, dressy, comfortable, quality.
    I tried to incorporate this in my wardrobe for a few years and I learned some things about my style. Reading about style there were usually recommendations to have a conversation piece in every outfit. After trying to include that for about two years I came to the conclusion that I prefer basics, without the conversation piece.
    I got quite a collection of blazers and then I got to work from home and my style got more relaxed. Now I try to sew more dressy outfits (=dresses), but simple… though sometimes I am attracted by other people’s floral (or other interesting prints) dresses. I still prefer to wear mostly monochromatic clothes, so I have to be careful what fabrics I buy. I will allow myself to explore a little the printed world of dresses, but I need to wait and see how much wear will they get.
    I am learning to sew shirt dresses (I am fascinated by notch collars) and I already planned one with some printed fabric.
    I find it very interesting how the style is constantly evolving… I am curious what else I will find on my path.

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