A GBSB Giveaway!

I’ve been wanting to shower you all in free gifts for a long while now, but so far I haven’t been in a financial position to be able to do that really – but I have been saved by the lovely people behind the Great British Sewing Bee Live, who have given me a whopping five… Continue reading A GBSB Giveaway!

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Back to the Jaw-ing Board

Hello! I haven’t done a Chronicles of Illness post in a while, have I? Seems about time. Rather than this one being full of tips on how to cope with your illness, this one’s more of an update on my life, and why I’ve come to the decision to take a momentary YouTube break. As… Continue reading Back to the Jaw-ing Board

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TCC – The Moodboard

The hour is here. And that hour. Is moodboard hour. It does appear, however, that there’s a little section before the moodboard where you need to do a little bit of consolidation, just so that you don’t run riot with your scissors and glue, sticking down pictures of everything because you’re just so excited. But don’t… Continue reading TCC – The Moodboard

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My Prom Dress!

Yay, the prom dress was made in time! I’d been planning this make for ages, but there were lots of calamities involved, which meant that I didn’t actually finish it until two hours before the prom – despite knowing what I wanted to make since around October. Year 13 prom (which is basically the last year… Continue reading My Prom Dress!

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TCC – Style Profile Phase One

This post is going to sort of include three steps from The Curated Closet, but one I’m not really able to talk about properly because I went through it taking mental notes rather than written ones. And that step was going through (almost) all of the things written in my master list in the TCC – Discovering My… Continue reading TCC – Style Profile Phase One

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Marigold & the Tilly HQ!

Hello! Yesterday heralded my first Marigold jumpsuit – a Tilly and the Buttons pattern – something which I’d been meaning to make for a while but ended up being one of those items that ends up being taken over by sewalongs and the sort of garments that you just need to make for a specific day… Continue reading Marigold & the Tilly HQ!

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TCC – Discovering My Style (Phase Two)

This is the most exciting  bit so far!! (Well, I think so anyway) I went through all of the sites, shops and accounts that I wrote on my checklist in the TCC – Discovering My Style (Phase One)  blog post, looked through everything, and made notes on everything that I was drawn to. After that I had… Continue reading TCC – Discovering My Style (Phase Two)