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A Jaw Update & Call to Arms (Or Thumbs)

I’ve been meaning to write this post for about a week, but I hadn’t gotten round to it until now! I’ll start off by saying that the Sewing Weekender was just so amazingly rad – I’m currently rendering the video (as I’m writing, so it’ll probably be on YouTube by the time it’s posted) if… Continue reading A Jaw Update & Call to Arms (Or Thumbs)

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Back to the Jaw-ing Board

Hello! I haven’t done a Chronicles of Illness post in a while, have I? Seems about time. Rather than this one being full of tips on how to cope with your illness, this one’s more of an update on my life, and why I’ve come to the decision to take a momentary YouTube break. As… Continue reading Back to the Jaw-ing Board

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Finding Your Reason

I say a lot in real life that I don’t want being a bit of a lemon to define me as a person, that I don’t want to be known as ‘that disabled girl’, so it seems ridiculous that I would choose ‘Hobbling Handmades’ as a name, right? The truth is, being disabled does define me.… Continue reading Finding Your Reason

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The Knitting and Stitching Show

I thought that first I’d write a little bit about the outfit that I finished before the show and wore on the day first, just because I don’t think that I can really write enough for a whole post just about that! Then I was thinking of doing my Thursday post about all of the… Continue reading The Knitting and Stitching Show

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DIY Bead Ideas

This one’s about 24 hours late, and I’ve felt uneasy all day because it just doesn’t feel normal putting up a post after it’s meant to be written! This is evidence of why I should plan ahead – most of the time I do, and most of the time I’ve even got a blog post… Continue reading DIY Bead Ideas

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My Super Cool Francoise Dress

Hello to my lovely readers, I’ve been watching my follow count getting a little bit higher every now and then and I must say it’s very exciting. Just as a note before I get into this post properly, I must address my YouTube channel – I can’t believe that I have 55 subscribers already! Thank you so… Continue reading My Super Cool Francoise Dress

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A Very Overwhelming Evening

If you’ve read any of my posts before, you’ll probably know that I am a wee bit disabled, as I have numerous medical conditions, one of which is called EDS. I won’t go into loads of detail about what EDS is, but I’ll put a link to an explanation of it here if you’d like some… Continue reading A Very Overwhelming Evening