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Balancing Act

Since we’ve gone back to school, I’ve had a great amount of difficulty in persuading myself to put down my needles, or turn off the sewing machine and actually get on with work. I’m reasonably okay at getting in from school and getting on with homework straight after dinner (I have a little rest first),… Continue reading Balancing Act

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When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Sewing

I like to think that I’m good at not letting my physical health affect my mental health; most days, that’s exactly how it goes, but everyone has bad days. Starting school has meant that my pain is a bit worse, my fatigue is a bit worse, and social anxiety is yet again, a very irritating… Continue reading When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Sewing


Too Many WIPs

I bought more yarn. The day after my last post. It wasn’t even one skein, it was a whole sweater load. Sometimes though, buying five balls of black tweed yarn is just what you need. When you have a pattern in mind (despite it being one that you bought earlier the same day) and you… Continue reading Too Many WIPs


Double-Pointed Nightmares

This morning I have cast on my first ever pair of socks. (technically second because I have tried them once on circular needles but what resulted was most definitely not a sock). It’s the first time I’ve used DPNs for anything other than an i-cord, so it’s fair to say that I am not the… Continue reading Double-Pointed Nightmares


A (Not Very Quick) Hello

Originally published: 25/08/2016 After starting to watch the knitting podcast by Katie of ‘Inside Number 23’ on YouTube, I felt creating a blog simply to talk about my adoration for her was necessary. I found her about two days ago now, and I’ve committed myself to watching every single video that she has posted, and… Continue reading A (Not Very Quick) Hello