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A Review: The First Cardigan

This cardigan has been so many months in the making, and it’s a bit weird that it’s finally done. It isn’t perfect and there are lots of parts of it that I’ve been having arguments with, but it’s wearable. I’m just not sure if I really will wear it. When you’ve spent so long on something, it’s so annoying… Continue reading A Review: The First Cardigan


4 Teas To Try Before You Die

You’re almost guaranteed to get tea envy as you read this post, so I recommend that you go and grab a cuppa before you carry on. I’m a seasoned watcher of sewing and knitting podcasts and vlogs, and I’ve noticed that a lot of them have a little chat about the tea that they’re drinking… Continue reading 4 Teas To Try Before You Die

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My Moneta Dress & Pattern Review

This weekend is the Moneta Party, starting today (Friday) and finishing on Sunday. The party is being hosted on Instagram, by @sewAbigail @SewPositivity and @Rach_wain and I am VERY excited to be seeing everybody’s. I finished my dress about two weeks ago, and have been wearing it around the house feeling very clever to have… Continue reading My Moneta Dress & Pattern Review


The Craft Club – Needlefelting

Last night (hence another  day late post) I made the very short car journey on down to the seafront, where the lovely ladies of out local Craft Club were holding a hygge-inspired needlefelting workshop. Now – I had never tried needlefelting before, nor did I have the slightest idea as to how to pronounce hygge, so… Continue reading The Craft Club – Needlefelting

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DIY Bead Ideas

This one’s about 24 hours late, and I’ve felt uneasy all day because it just doesn’t feel normal putting up a post after it’s meant to be written! This is evidence of why I should plan ahead – most of the time I do, and most of the time I’ve even got a blog post… Continue reading DIY Bead Ideas

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A Very Overwhelming Evening

If you’ve read any of my posts before, you’ll probably know that I am a wee bit disabled, as I have numerous medical conditions, one of which is called EDS. I won’t go into loads of detail about what EDS is, but I’ll put a link to an explanation of it here if you’d like some… Continue reading A Very Overwhelming Evening

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A Failed Skirt

I thought I might as well write this post because it’ll make me laugh when I read it back, and hopefully my catastrophic lack of planning will amuse you too. If you read my post ‘The Importance of Sewing‘, you might remember me saying that I was going to give a skirt that I got… Continue reading A Failed Skirt