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DIY Bead Ideas

This one’s about 24 hours late, and I’ve felt uneasy all day because it just doesn’t feel normal putting up a post after it’s meant to be written! This is evidence of why I should plan ahead – most of the time I do, and most of the time I’ve even got a blog post… Continue reading DIY Bead Ideas

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My Super Cool Francoise Dress

Hello to my lovely readers, I’ve been watching my follow count getting a little bit higher every now and then and I must say it’s very exciting. Just as a note before I get into this post properly, I must address my YouTube channel – I can’t believe that I have 55 subscribers already! Thank you so… Continue reading My Super Cool Francoise Dress

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A Very Overwhelming Evening

If you’ve read any of my posts before, you’ll probably know that I am a wee bit disabled, as I have numerous medical conditions, one of which is called EDS. I won’t go into loads of detail about what EDS is, but I’ll put a link to an explanation of it here if you’d like some… Continue reading A Very Overwhelming Evening

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A Failed Skirt

I thought I might as well write this post because it’ll make me laugh when I read it back, and hopefully my catastrophic lack of planning will amuse you too. If you read my post ‘The Importance of Sewing‘, you might remember me saying that I was going to give a skirt that I got… Continue reading A Failed Skirt

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The Importance of Emotional Support With Chronic Conditions

For this month’s chronic illness chronicle, I was lucky enough to have a lovely guest poster write one for me, Aislinn Fallon. At the bottom of the article, I’ve left her name and website for you to have a look at! Here’s what she had to say: Abandonment: it is a word we in the… Continue reading The Importance of Emotional Support With Chronic Conditions

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The Azel Pullover and Review

Woohoo! My second finished object of the year knitting wise – this is The Azel Pullover by Heidi May, and it was one that I made for my little sister. The pattern is knit in super bulky yarn, so whizzes off the needles in a flash! There’s a massive range of sizes available to knit, from age… Continue reading The Azel Pullover and Review

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The Megan Dress and Review

Love At First Stitch by Tilly Walnes  of ‘Tilly and the Buttons’ is legendary in the world of sewing. The book was a very lovely gift from my aunt, and really the only thing on my list that I was really hoping I got – I think the hinting ( if it can even be called… Continue reading The Megan Dress and Review